Commissioned by concert pianist Nicholas McCarthy in July 2019, ‘Galilean Moons’ received its’ London premiere at St.Martin-in-the-Fields in November 2019, featuring in his recital programme as part of the ‘Concerts In The West’ chamber concert series in March 2020. It is a piano soundscape inspired by Nicholas, who is currently the only one-handed concert pianist in the world, and also by the 50th Anniversary in July 2019 of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.  Fascinated by all things astronomical, I came across the beautiful four largest moons discovered in early 1610  by Galilei Galileo orbiting Jupiter.

‘Galilean Moons’ features in Nicholas’s performance as part of the Royal Albert Hall’s virtual concert series Royal Albert Home. The series was created by the Royal Albert Hall to enable artists to perform during the pandemic lockdown by streaming via the Hall’s website and YouTube channel.

Sunday 9th August, 7.30pm 2020