Composer – Julie Cooper

Text from the poem ‘To a Skylark’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Boy Treble – Joshua Davidson

Soprano – Grace Davidson

Single released on Signum Records 2nd November, 2022

‘To a Skylark’ is the 1st single to be released off Julie Cooper’s next album OCULUS with Signum Records, the 3rd album of hers to feature the acclaimed soprano Grace Davidson.

Grace’s uniquely atmospheric sound is the voice of numerous film soundtracks, an ethereal purity to it like no other and a constant inspiration for Julie’s writing.

When Grace shared a phone video clip with Julie of her son Joshua (then 12) rehearsing with the harpist Camilla Pay earlier this year, she was completely taken with not only Joshua’s incredible sound and musicianship, but particularly with the unnerving similarity between his and Grace’s voices.

Inspired to capture this extremely rare Mother and Son talent, Julie wrote the duet ‘To a Skylark’ for them, setting text from the beautiful poem of the same name by Percy Bysshe Shelley… a unique moment in history and the first Mother/Son Duo to record together commercially.

‘To a Skylark’ also features harpist Camilla Pay with the Oculus Ensemble led by Clio Gould, conducted by Simon Hale and produced by Jonathan Allen.

The album ‘OCULUS’  will be released in 2023.